For the first time ever you can have a professionally-made and researched, broadcast-quality programme, about your family's background. It's just for you and your family's enjoyment in the comfort of your own home on DVD or on your computer.

Each family has a unique story, framed in a different period of social history. We will find your story and turn it into a compelling film for you.

We will not only provide you with 10 DVDs of the finished film so that you can share them as gifts, we will also provide you with a digital copy which you can keep yourself and which will also be securely stored online for you to watch at your convenience. This means not only your grandchildren, but your grandchildren's grandchildren will be able to watch and find out about their family's history.

What - exactly - is a Family History Film?

It's a 20-30 minute film which explores your family's history.  We will work with you to find the most interesting stories in your family’s background. It will be composed of interviews with you and members of your family who you want to take part, as well as archive footage which we will research with you. Your film will be narrated by a professional voiceover artist and will have a soundtrack of music of your choice.

 The archive footage could be of where you were born, or of the types of jobs your ancestors may have done. If any of your ancestors were of note or came from different countries we will strive to find footage or material about them.

What will you receive?

You will receive a high quality, professional standard digital copy of the film as well as ten DVD copies that you can share as gifts. A private copy will also be stored online - forever - and only you will be able to access it.