Couldn't I Do This On My Smartphone?

Here’s something that someone said to us the other day:

‘Why would I want a Family History Film when I can record everything on my smartphone at no cost? And my nephew Kevin can put it all together on a slideshow for me’.

You can, of course, record much of your day to day life on a smartphone.  But can you do all of the following?

-       Find out some extraordinary facts about your ancestors going back several centuries?

-       Find out where they lived (often in another country), what they did and what their day-to-day life was like?

-       See and feel real documents from their lives?

-       Have all of this information put together for you by a world class team of genealogists and researchers?

-       Have a beautiful, broadcast-standard film created which outlines the social context of your family’s life?

-       Have this on a number of DVDs that you can share with family members?

-       Have your film provided in digital format and stored privately online, protected by a password?

That’s what we do at Family History Films. It’s an extraordinary process that our clients love, and tell all their friends about.

Frankly digital photos will leave your future generations with no more than we had 20 years ago - a collection of old photos.  Without context and explanation digital photos offer no benefit over the old photo albums in your attic.

As with old photo albums, if digital photos are not properly recorded and labelled, then your descendants will be left with a bunch of anonymous digital assets – that’s assuming they can access them at all.

But with a Family History Film, you’ve not only got an assured context about your memories and digital life going forward, but a deep dive into your family’s background. This will give your descendants an extraordinary family heirloom.  Some of our clients are already telling us it’s the best decision they ever made.

Contact us today for more information, or to ask us to show you a full-length film. Then you’ll see why a Family History Film is a much better decision than relying on your smartphone.