Memories might fade but captured in a biography they will last forever.  Imagine your personal story made into a broadcast quality film.  Whether it’s to celebrate your achievements, or just to set the record straight, we’ll bring your personal story to life for friends, loved ones and future generations.  

It may include elements of your family history if you choose but as with all our film you will have a professional team at your service to tell your story - from information gathering and research to writing, filming, editing and professional voice-over.

We’ll incorporate any archive material you may already have with contemporary filming of you, anyone else you choose and the locations that matter to you.  Whether you have a large archive or very little, we are experts in historical film and will always be able add context and bring your story to life.

If you’re thinking of a book we can produce that for you too.  Bear in mind that there is an economy here as a film provides the storyline for a book and vice versa.

Remember that there is no obligation to begin with - if you'd like to know more simply get in touch with us today.